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Journey to England

Our journey started at six o'clock in the morning as we met our teachers Ms. Paul and Mr. Hubmann at "Villach Hauptbahnhof". We all were very excited and looking forward to two weeks full of new experiences. At the airport in Vienna some of us were quite nervous because it was their first flight whereas most of us were experienced air travellers.

The fact that we would spend the next days with strangers caused a lot of nervousness as well. We spent the next two weeks with host families, first in London and then in Torquay. But first we spent three days in London - city of monuments, underground stations, pubs (that we were not allowed to go in) and fast food restaurants. Unfortunately we had too little time to see all the sights and to experience the special spirit of London, but nevertheless we enjoyed three exciting days. We visited Covent Garden, Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, the Science Museum and we went on a boat trip on the River Thames. We went to the cinema and watched the musical "Miss Saigon". Moreover we had the opportunity to enjoy a guided tour through the Public School of Harrow, one of the most traditional and elitary schools of England. And of course we went shopping, shopping, shopping... On Wednesday we had to say goodbye to our host families and we got on the coach that would take us to Torquay. But on our way there we went to Stonehenge, giving us the opportunity to take some photos of this mysterious and fascinating monument.

Then we arrived in Torquay and we met our host families. During the next ten days we had many trips to the small towns all around Torquay. We made a trip to Exeter, to Dartmouth, to Brixham, to Plymouth and to Bath. We visited "Wookey Hole" and we made a trip into the Dartmoor. Except a little incident in the Dartmoor we had no problems and every day was full of new impressions. Due to the numerous trips we had only a few lessons at school, where an English teacher, Mr. Loveless (his name does not say much about his character), told us a lot about England, in particular about Devon. Almost everyday we had a full programm so we were quite exhausted as we came home in the evening but we were allowed to go out and enjoy the nightlife of Torquay. Of course, we were not allowed to go into a pub so we went to the cinema or we played bowling and we had a skittles night. In our free afternoon some of us went to play tennis or squash and others (especially girls) preferred shopping.

On Saturday we had to leave Torquay and after we had spent our last evening in a nice pub we left the town at one o'clock in the morning so we had no time to sleep. After 18 hours (!) we arrived in Villach and although we were happy to see our families again we already missed England.

Finally we want to thank Ms. Paul and Mr. Hubmann who organised this journey very well so that we could enjoy two wunderful weeks that we will always remember.

Salimi, Pseiner, Mayer, Spernol, 6.D

Die 6.D besucht die exklusive Privatschule Harrow Public School.

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