Pupils as actors

On 25th of June 1998 the famous actor and writer Nicholas Allen visited the 2.C of BG/BRG Perau to rehearse the play "THE SECRET GATE" with the pupils and their teachers Prof. Michitsch and Prof. Altenhuber.

In this play a family goes to the zoo at Helen's birthday and after they walk through the "Secret Gate" they are able to speak with the animals.

Nicholas Allen, the actor, spoke English and German, so the pupils could understand him well. The students were divided into two groups, Mr. Allen helped the children to put themselves into their roles.

The children behaved just like true professionals so that within a few hours the play could be filmed. The pupils took part in this workshop with great enthusiasm. Maybe some pupils will become great actors one day.

Susanne Kofler and Markus Neuschitzer, 2C

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