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English Theatre Workshop - 3.D

On June 25, 1999, Nicholas Allen, a well-known English actor and writer, came to our class - it was already the second time - to show us how to communicate and how to act like real professionals in "PLANET", a play he wrote himself for students of our age. He also admired our decoration which we had created with the help of Prof. Aichernig in our art lesson, but he had to change some things to make the decoration visible for the "not existing audience".

"PLANET" is about an earthfolk that lands on planet B 176 and there meets aliens, who had been left on this planet centuries ago. At first they want to fight but then they make peace, become friends and drink pints of beer together.
It was a funny afternoon, because we could laugh at each other. We had learned our parts by heart but Nicholas often interrupted us to explain the idea and the topic of the play. That took quite a long time but it helped us to play our parts like "real astronauts and aliens".

At the end we gave Nicholas a calendar of Carinthia 2000 to thank him. He was very surprised and promised to come again with a new play next year. We were sad that this afternoon had passed so quickly!
We were really thrilled, when we got a postcard from Nicholas three days later telling us that we had been a brilliant group.

Last but not least we want to thank the two persons who made all this possible: Mrs. Koschutnig, our English teacher, and of course Nicholas Allen.

Karin Lussnig and Christina Kastner, 3.D

English Theatre Workshop 3.D - 1999

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