A creative week with the BG Peraustraße
26.-29. June 2000

A week with the Peraugymnasium in Villach, towards the end of the school year, is fast becoming something of a tradition, and a very happy one, too. This year I had the pleasure of working with second, third and fourth classes on four consecutive days.

Each year I am excited by the enthusiasm, dynamism and creativity of both pupils and teachers. Thanks to careful preparation I step onto something of "g'mahte Wies'n" and we have a lot of fun during each workshop. The 2.E were certainly the livliest bunch of zoo animals I have ever encountered! But I don't want to single any group out, because each one was excellent, special and unique. It is precisely this diversity and individuality which makes my work so satisfying and challenging: I never know what is in store for me when I arrive at a school in the morning!

Experience has proved that the full value of this work emerges when the group afterwards gives a public performance of their play. This year, for the first time, the 4.D did so and they did their author and director proud in every way.

Given the current success of this project there is always a real danger of complacency on my part, of selfsatisfaction. I work hard to avoid this, trying to indroduce new aspects, new ideas, questioning my methods. With groups as great as this year's in the BG Peraustrasse, there's no danger of boredom setting in!

I should like to thank the headmaster, the administrator and the teachers for their support, trust and cooperation. I preach teamwork to the pupils and it's good to see it being exercised by the adults as well. I look foreward to June next year, when I plan to be back. We're full of new ideas und projects. Till then, my best wishes and thanks to you all.

Nicki Allen, June 2000

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